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Reverend and the Makers - Live Review

Reverend and the Makers @ Rock City, Nottingham - 12/10/18
“This one’s for you Piers Morgan, you fucking…”

Last week was a busy one for Reverend and the Makers, a string of gigs and then hitting the ITV studios on Tuesday for a slot on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and Susana Reid, to discuss if musicians should weigh in with political views. One of the arguments against suggested that music was an escape, somewhere that people could lose themselves without having to think too much about what’s going on in the world. Well, politics didn’t put a downer on the RATM show at Rock City on Friday night, suggesting that music and politics could easily go hand in hand and people will still have a good time… 

Rock City is a buzz before RATM come on stage, maybe it’s because it’s Friday night, maybe it’s because of the cracking support acts including a magician and a poet in between change overs, a nice additional touch.

As they hit the stage it’s very clear that tonight is going to be special, straight from the first note the Rock City crowd is up for it and as usual front man Jon McClure commands the crowd with confidence and ease, the confidence of a seasoned pro that doesn’t take his position for granted with the fans, humble and honest, verging on cocky at times but never over stepping that mark, Jon is the perfect working mans front-man, someone you can look up to but also someone that is totally relatable. 

The band ease from song to song picking from new album, first album and a few in between; it’s fair to say RATMs music has developed and matured since their debut offering The State of Things, which was released in 2007, but live the songs from that album feel totally cohesive next to last years The Death of a King. If anything Reverend now have a heavier vibe perfectly shown off by songs like Too Tough to Die and Black Widow, this provides a perfect juxtaposition against tracks like Makin’ Babies and the stunning Auld Reekie Blues which is sung by the underrated talent and quiet star of RATMs; Ed Cosens. 

As usual holding it all together is the incomparable Laura McClure, holding herself with her usual grace and sensuality but allowing herself the freedom to go wild and lose herself in the music she so clearly loves. 

Reverend and the Makers left Nottingham feeling amazing, Twitter was flooded the next day with people saying this was the best gig they had ever been to, best night ever, etc, etc. The Rev does know how to put on a show and this is one that the good people of Nottingham won’t forget in a hurry. 

Off topic slightly, but during the drive to Nottingham we discussed whether or not Jon should spend his time arguing with people on Twitter, at the time I thought maybe not- but as I think about it, maybe he should. Maybe we need someone like Jon to be a voice for people like us; more often than not I see things on social media I don’t agree with but I don’t say anything for fear of starting an argument or upsetting someone, Jon doesn’t have that fear, he stands up for what he believes in and doesn’t back down, he is committed to the cause and is a voice for the working class voiceless that isn’t taken in by the main stream media but wants to think for themselves. 

Remember…. “cus you shout loudest don’t mean that you’re right….”

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