We are Generation HUSH.

The brain child of photographer Kimberley Bayliss, HUSH came about as a way for Kimberley to reignite her passion for live music photography and portraits. After spending nearly three years photographing and writing for Vulture Hound, Kimberley decided that it was time to spread her wings, and create something that would help to guide a new generation of music fans and help older music fans break from their stale routines.

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HUSH is...

A collaborative effort, committed to being ahead of trends and featuring the bands that are going to break before they have broken. We are a collection of writers, photographers and music fans, who want to create a respectful and trust worthy environment for people to read live music reviews and interviews with the bands that make the music.

HUSH has...

Morals! Any bands that we review, interview or feature will be bands that we love or have discovered that we know you'll love. If we can't say something nice, then we won't say anything at all, there is no pride in negative reviewing because everyone has different tastes and just because our writers don't like a band, doesn't mean that a million other people won't.

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