The Hawkins - New Music


The Hawkins launch the single “Jim & Kate”. The track offers an ambivalent mixture of dead seriousness and fun, combining upbeat, super melodic, and experimental garage rock with downhearted lyrics dealing with tattered relationships. “Jim & Kate” is released on all streaming platforms September 3.

The Hawkins’ lead vocalist and guitarist Johannes Carlsson comments on the single:

“’Jim & Kate‘ takes place in the aftermath of a shit hitting the fan. Over and over again. You‘re once again standing in the rubble, trying to make sense of what just happened and grasping for pieces to supposedly glue together. Shock and denial mixed with hastingly trying to fix things. The intro is kind of like that to play as well. It‘s a bit like being half awake and thinking you‘re late to work.” 

Jim & Kate is the third and final single from The Hawkins upcoming, conceptual mini-album “Aftermath”, on which each track tells a story connected to the destructive aftermath of past relationships. The 6 track mini-album will be released on The Sign Records October 15, 2021 on LP, CD, and digital formats. ”Aftermath” can be pre-ordered now.

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