scarypoolparty - New Music


Season 17’s American Idol’s runner-up and trialblazer, Alejandro Aranda is back as scarypoolparty with more world changing music. 

If anyone dare look down on the good folk that line themselves up for our amusement on these “reality tv” talent shows really needs to check this talent out. The latest incarnation of American Idol is proving capable of doing what others before it has lacked, putting the freak show-esq angle aside, this show really seeks out individuals, with unique talents that until now have been lost in the depths of spotify or bandcamp. 

With twenty-one tracks to work with, The Act of Forgiveness covers a lot of ground. It expands into electronic and R&B territory across ‘Friends’, ‘Cellphones’, and ‘Movie Screens’, with the middle of those sounding like it could be a House of Balloons bonus track and the latter featuring immersive, aqueous electronic effects that will make you feel like you’re being absorbed into the song’s namesake. At this point, The Act of Forgiveness begins to unfurl even further, revealing its most beautiful colours and shades on top of what could only be described as an already gorgeous opening sequence.

This is a record that essentially hits the mark twenty one straight times, for nearly two hours straight. It will steal your breath over and over again while seamlessly weaving its way through some of the most aesthetically striking music that you’re likely to hear. It’s monumental; a classic from the word go that will fill you with romance, elation, and depression. Scarypoolparty doesn’t sound like the name of a project that would deliver such a beautiful and uncompromisingly experimental masterpiece, but that’s part of its charm. The Act of Forgiveness is something that no fan of music should miss out on in 2021. Check it out now, seriously. 

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