MYL / MYS - Introducing


Forward-thinking, genre-defying, and massively creative, Made You Look / Made You Stare are here to turn heads…

Starting from humble beginnings in a small rehearsal studio in Burton-Upon-Trent, the brewing capital of England, MYL tentatively began their journey… Photographer Kimberley asked friends Mike & Thomas to play a song with her after some practice with a singing teacher, and they were instantly invested and excited.

 Made You Look / Made You Stare are a band that happened accidentally, a project that grew naturally and easily, a group of like-minded people in a room having fun, just happened upon becoming a band. Bassman & friend Bob was quickly pulled into the fray and the sound was complete.
Writing songs completely collaboratively, MYL let their sound decide what it was, never trying too hard to direct it one way or another - but all songs are grounded in lyrical meaning and resonance & always aiming to get their muso juices flowing with some fun technicalities and nuanced instrumentals.

Their first single - which is actually a double - is due to be released around the end of spring, and the band are chomping at the bit to get it out there.

Working in the studio with Matt @ San Sebastián Studios, MYL really got creative and really loved the process.  “Let’s Make Them” & “Childhood Locked” represent the band’s range of styles and give a great first taste of what they have to offer.
Discussing the songs and what they mean to the band, Kimberley divulged; “Let’s Make them” is… “It’s a simple statement about wanting an even playing field for all peoples” And concisely wraps up “Childhood Locked” is “Pretty much about how loving Disney messed me up.”

Currently working with The Clowes Creative on some video magic for the single videos, the future is looking…colourful for Made You Look / Made You Stare.

People should expect fun hooks, catchy melodies and a shake up with Made You Look / Made You Stare. 

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