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Love and Loathing - New Album Review

Love and Loathing by With Confidence

We first caught these guys at Slam Dunk 2016, and we were immediately taken with them. Around the same time their first album hit, and oh boy was it a joyous thing! Having listened to this record religiously and repeatedly, this new album has felt like a long time coming. And what an interesting and apt title, Love and Loathing, our favourite fellas are still stuck somewhere between happiness and heartbreak, the perfect yet tragic recipe for amazing music. 

Having struggled through some difficulties that to this day we still aren’t sure the entirety of the details of, we’re so proud and happy to see the prevailing guys continue on, to further establish themselves as the truly special band that they are, here’s hoping this album catapults their journey the way we expect it to.  

This album is nothing less than we could have hoped for, and honestly, when a band come out with an amazing first album that can often be a really difficult hurdle to overcome. With Confidence have a way of pouring pure and devastating emotion into their music, but in a way that is uplifting and motivating. The songs are so spunky, passionate and motivating. They have such a stand out sound, that one chord in you know who it is, which is something bands can go their entire careers without achieving. 

The album smashes in with first single That Something which in perfect WC style just hits you with energy and a beat you cannot sit still to. They’ve developed a technique throughout an album to bring you up and then softly bring you down then back up again. Their records truly are a journey, you can hear the depth of meaning in their lyrics, these songs are therapy, written for a reason. This album is a 12 track gift from their hearts to ours. Let’s savour every second. 

A final note that just made us smile, the poignancy of ending he album on the lyrics Love and Loathing is nothing less than spectacular! Brilliant artistry and pre-planning. It just demonstrates how much these guys put into making a record, and how every detail is thought through with purpose. 

Here’s our new favourite record, thanks guys. They’ll be doing a show near you soon, hopefully see you there.

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