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Knocked Loose - New Album

Knocked Loose release A Different Shade of Blue

A Different Shade of Blue, the band’s mammoth of a sophomore effort and huge step forward for hardcore and metal as we know it, sees Knocked Loose leap from upstart hardcore-influenced favourites to bonafide key figures of the genre. Their 2016 debut, Laugh Tracks was a revelation, taking the world by storm and establishing the band as a major force spanning genres and generations.

Forged on musical bonds built at an early age, Knocked Loose came together in the small yet relatively formidable hardcore and punk scene of the greater Louisville, Kentucky area. Though the scene was relatively strong, a lack of available bands, touring parties and scarcity of gigs forced diversity - mixing genres and challenging young ears with new ideas, approaches and styles. That diversity¬ created the basis of Knocked Loose musically and the genesis for their approach, an amalgam of heavy influences that never commits to any singular style but maintains a loyalty to the hardcore tradition.

Clocking in at a lean and mean 37 minutes and featuring guest vocals from Emma Boster of Dying Wishand Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die, A Different Shade of Blue grabs the listener by the throat from the jump and slowly tightening that grip for the duration.

You can listen to the bands single, Mistakes Like Fractures, taken from the bands hotly anticipated new album. The track comes with dissonant botch breakdowns, lots of noise and devastating breakdowns. Frontman Bryan Garris roars and growls with so much anger that you’re surprised when you realise how vulnerable and personal his lyrics are this time: ‘God fell silent When I cried out’.

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