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Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins…

Jonas Brothers: Documentary, New Album & Tour! 

Phew it’s a big month for the Jonas Brothers! After being off the radar for some time now, June sees them return with not only a New Album; Happiness Begins, and a HUGE Tour Announcement, but an Amazon Prime Special Documentary; Chasing Happiness, pretty much telling us the story of their lives. 

Setting the truth straight and formatting the background story for the new album, Chasing Happiness is a ninety minute Jonas-pectacular! In all honesty, we’ve never particularly been part of the Jonas fan club, but have never dislike them either, Hush have been impartial to the Jonas’s! But this docu peeked our interest, as these real live stories do, and it didn’t disappoint. Gaining a new perspective on these picture-perfect, pitch-perfect brothers was quite illuminating, learning about Nick’s health issues and instant- from birth star quality, Kevin’s heartbreak with being excluded from band activity, and Joe’s solo Joy, there is more to these guys than you would expect. This documentary is a must watch for music fans, or aspiring musicians. Learning about the real people behind the facade, the graft they put in to their craft, and hearing their music with new ears, this feature really made Jonas fans of us. 

The album, Happiness Begins isn’t as cute as you’d fear. These are not Disney’s boys any more. These guys have grown into themselves individually and in their music, and it really shows. This isn’t cookie cutter pop music either, it’s heavily influenced by varying and different genres, the Jonas Brothers have really pushed themselves on this album, and to all listeners of any taste, it’s completely inoffensive. To Jonas fans, they still boast a very unique Jonas sound, it’s just slightly matured, as by now, so have the fans, so this new Jonas should fit perfectly.

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