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Eleine - Live Review

Eleine @ The Hairy Dog, Derby - 30/09/18

The Hairy Dog is a great venue, we especially love their message “Rules: Just don’t be a cunt”! The dark back room is the perfect setting for any show. It’s grungy, intimate and the sound is great! And as well as these, for us, it’s 20 mins from home! #Winner

On this night we hit the dog to witness a near day-long spectacular! A mini-festival if you will, six bands! As great as the pre-show was, we were there for the finale, the pinnacle, Eleine. 

Eleine have dubbed themselves symphonic metal, that is magnificent and stylish. They aim to seduce the crowd with their stage performance, and seduce us they did! Here at Hush, we enjoy a wide range of genres, and sub-genres and we are ever open to new things. Eleine have taken the melodic rock, or operatic metal, made main stream via the likes of Evanescene, and developed it into a further heavy and intense listening experience. The epic instrumentals layered with sultry, smooth, feminine vocals make for a really interesting juxtaposition. 

Eleine have a passionate and dedicated following, a crowd that soon fell under the hypnotic spell of vocalist Madeleine Lijestam. Honestly the crowd wasn’t as big as we were hoping it would be for these guys, as we met them for an interview beforehand (keep your eyes peeled for that) and we couldn’t have liked them more- but the crowd they did have was completely enamoured with the show. This really is a performance, it’s like the band are playing roles in a rock opera. The lyrics tell stories that sit parallel to the likes of some of metals greatest. 

Eleine are unlike anything we’ve heard before, the performance likewise, this really is something different, and in the saturated rock industry, different is a really hard thing to be. 

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