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Eleine - A Conversation With…

A Conversation With… Eleine 

As we walk down Becket Street towards The Hairy Dog in Derby, we are greeted with the sight of an enormous tour bus that holds the band and entourage of Swedish symphonic metal band Eleine. Welcomed on the bus by their manager Chris we are soon guided towards the back of the bus where we get to share some time with guitarist Rikard Ekberg and singer Madeleine Liljestam. It’s a wonderful experience being able to chat, share stories and find out more about this powerhouse of Swedish heavy metal. 

Eleine are a beautiful contrast of heavy music that swings effortlessly into graceful, seductive charm, It was evident when talking face to face with Madeleine that she has a whimsical almost magical aura that is verging on hypnotic, at one point during the interview she recites lyrics and has us under her spell. 

Eleine are a band for the future, one to keep a close eye on as they continue their quest of domination, Derby were lucky to have them as were we lucky to spend time with them. 

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