Born Without Bones - New Music


So imagine. You’re constantly making playlists, always seeking new (and eclectic) music, and Spotify suggests that one of these mostly undiscovered (to you) artists has released a new EP. You’re unsure of who they are, or what their sound is, so you flash on the first song for 20 seconds and it sounds nice, soft, friendly tunes. Later when in the car with your (very proper, won’t even say ‘bloody’) Grandad, you have to quickly turn off The Menstrual Cramps so you chuck this on instead. Second song in, this beautiful quiet EP hits out with an almost acapella level scream of ”I miss fucking you on your living room floor” sorry Grandad… 

Later having listened to this EP in it’s entirety a few times over, and it turns out, yeh this band are soft and beautiful. But not only that, turns out this band is soft and really cool. This EP is actually Born Without Bones’s 4th release, with three previous albums under their belt and (wow we’re late to the party) they’ve been around since >2010. But this EP features some glowed up old songs. The pace picks up on track 3 ‘Falling Asleep’, picking up gusto and some fuzzy and soft yet raw melodies. 

Judging from this EP alone we feel like Born Without Bones are running in the circles of bands such as Bad Luck, and they are the new-era of Emotional Rock, a cool wave of emo, sans the eyeliner and black pencil ties. 

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