All Better - Live Review


It’s been a good few years since we’ve been over to The Shed in Leicester.
We’re pretty sure it’s had a makeover and has undergone a management change or two. It’s the hottest day of the year so far and The Shed’s air con is a blessing. The Shed is a really cool and modern venue, staff were so welcoming and the stage was impressive for such a small room. 
P.S. Is the Shed the only venue in the UK to have a window to the outside world?! Kinda weird, but cool watching a band with daylight outside! 

A spattering of friends and fans are on hand to witness opening act ‘Pillow Fort’
A three piece band with an eclectic look and quiet charisma. It’s a pretty steady way to warm up, the band playing some nice, almost melancholic songs. We’re not usually one for the floor gazing, apologetic musings of teenagers, but Pillow Fort are interesting enough to hold my attention and the attention of the crowd at The Shed with their warm, emotional and raw performance. 

Next up, Leicester’s own ‘Socks in Bed’ starting with their own little 8 bit intro was a really fun touch. With a heavy pop punk influence Socks in Bed deliver a rousing and solid set. Wait, they’re drinking Hooch? I didn’t realise that was still a thing…The Shed really is a place of awe and wonder. Anyway, Socks in Bed have some real interesting parts to their songs proving that they aren’t just a paint by numbers pop punk kind of band. 

Onto the main course. ‘All Better’ first blipped onto our radar with the release of their album ‘How to be Alone’ in May this year. Supporting up and coming artists has always been a big thing for us here at Hush, and heading out to venues like The Shed to watch bands like this is important, and actually this is what’s keeping live music alive. Being in at the ground floor with an up-and-coming band, honestly there’s nothing like it.

All Better hit the stage with, unsurprisingly, the most polished and professional performance we’ve seen tonight. Storming through their set, All Better ooze confidence and charisma, exchanging banter between themselves and the crowd they have an air of much bigger things and we are here for that. Transforming into performers as soon as they hit the stage, these unassuming guys have something special. With a modern take on pop punk, All Better give it a heartfelt edge, they have a sound that is their own but neatly nestles in the pop punk bosom! Hailing from Brighton and currently on tour across the UK. We expect big things from this band, so keep those eyes peeled. 

As a caveat to this review, you (yes you) should probably head out and see some live music. Keep supporting live venues and live music.

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